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Bhutanese Culture

Tours and Treks

Our Tours and Treks are carefully designed to make your trip a wonderful one. You can travel at an appropriate pace for your selected journey.
All itineraries or custom trips are open to groups and private travelers alike. No matter how you choose to travel through Bhutan, you will be immersed in a culture that is unspoiled by tourism. You'll meet some of the most friendly people in the world and experience an exotic land that offers stunning natural beauty, green valleys and snow capped Himalayan peaks. You'll marvel at a landscape that is dotted with Buddhist spiritual symbols including ancient cliff dwelling monasteries, religious chortens and of course the colorful prayer flags that are famous in Buddhist nations.


Some of our Tours and Treks

Golfing holiday


Imagine yourself playing golf on the moon; you could drive higher and longer. Also in Bhutan you could enjoy your golf with greater carry and satisfactory results. Play golf in one of the three golf courses in Thimphu (The capital of the Bhutan) and gain perfection with your shot game. The curious golf course and the splendid nature around the course will make you to think better and make good decision about your game strategy. Never play a short without a clear vision. Enjoy the game and make your holiday in Bhutan as a good choice.

Eco- tourism
Besides cultural, religious, bird watching, hiking, walking and golfing tours we also provides you hot spring tours, traditional hot stone bath tours and meditation tour with our well experienced guides and teachers.
1. Religious and cultural Tour
2. Bird watching Tour
3. Hiking Tour
4. Walking Tour
5. Golfing Tour
6. Hot Stone Bath Tour
6. Hot Spring Bath Tour
7. Meditation and relaxation tour

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